Web technologies are a key competitive advantage of the best!


BASIC package
Basic package


Web site of 5 pages is an ideal solution for small businesses and personal presentation.
This package meets the needs of the basic representation of the company on the Internet. Extremely cheap, reliable and efficient solution.

crvena strelicaUp to 5 html web pages
crvena strelicaDesign
crvena strelica1 e-mail adress (example@firm_name)
crvena strelicaContact form
crvena strelicaHosting (for year)
crvena strelicaDomen (for year) (.com, .info, .co.rs, .edu, .biz)
crvena strelicaBasic SEO
crvena strelica Installation and testing of the presentation within 7 days



STANDARD package
Standard package

  This solution is ideal for companies that want more detail on the internet to show their products and services that are performed in accordance with its corporate identity.
plava strelicaUp to 10 html web pages
plava strelicaDesign
plava strelica3 e-mail adress (example@firm_name)
plava strelicaContact form
plava strelicaHosting (for year)
plava strelicaDomen (for year) (.com, .info, .co.rs, .edu, .biz)
plava strelicaBasic SEO
plava strelica Installation and testing of the presentation within 7 days



BUSINESS package
Business package



This site is a great solution for companies that want to present a greater volume of information via the website, they want to show their product catalog, or for companies who need to frequently change the content on the site (to inform customers about prices, promotions, special events, etc.), without a plan to employ a webmaster to edit and update web site, which will significantly reduce costs of the web site maintenance.

zelena strelicaUp to 20 html web pages or CMS or directory (depending on the needs of business you can select one module) intake to 100 products
zelena strelica10 e-mail adress (example@firm_name)
zelena strelicaContact form
zelena strelicaHosting (for year)
zelena strelicaDomen (for year) (.com, .info, .co.rs, .edu, .biz)
zelena strelicaBasic SEO
  • zelena strelicaTraining to use a CMS, so you yourself can enter and edit content

- Dynamic web site is actually a site that gives the owner the possibility to personally update and maintain company’s web site.

The essential difference between the stores and catalogs is that the user can put the product in the chart and buy it right away, and the catalog can only give general information about product but not availability or current pricing (foreign currency exchange rate changes daily….).

zvezdicaIf none of the packages fits for you or your company, we are here to make a web site tailored by your needs!
Each package can be extended with following modules.


Additional picture
Calendar, Weather forecast, Exchange rates, News ...
Setting up surveys
News (adding, deleting, editing news about the latest developments in the company-chronologically, by category, etc.)
Catalog (price, pictures, caracteristic ...)
Photo gallery
Edit content
Additional language (if you cooperate with other countries, where you are required to provide translation or implementation of Google translation module - where the quality of translation is not 100% guaranteed)
Module to search


Before any web design work can begin, there are certain things your designer will need to collect from you!




WEB SHOP zelena strelica Web shop design
zelena strelica Product catalog with descriptions and pictures
zelena strelica The possibility of inserting an unlimited number of products
zelena strelica Highlighting the products in action
zelena strelica Search by product name, code, etc..
zelena strelica Shopping Cart for Ordering
zelena strelica Easily create and modify order
zelena strelica Print order form in pdf format
zelena strelica Hosting (for year)
zelena strelica Domen (for year) (.com, .info, .co.rs, .edu, .biz)
zelena strelica Basic SEO

All products in the preparation of web shops must have the following information:
image, product description, instructions about special products, and stock prices that come from your existing database which we connect with the online store.



WEBSITE REDESIGN Carefully read the following questions and decide if you need a redesign.
crvena strelica Do you have latest information on your web site ?
crvena strelica Does the site load quickly?
crvena strelica Do you have information on the site easily accessible and logically placed?
crvena strelica Is it easy to find on search engines (Google), ie, whether by entering key words come to your site?
crvena strelica Are you satisfied with the design (color balance, attractive interface)?
crvena strelica Does the site follow your visual identity?
crvena strelica Does your site in form and substance resemble the best sites in your area?
crvena strelica Are all the links on the site work?
crvena strelica Do you have the ability to manage information updates on the site, essential for your business?

Do you have just one question answered NO? If so, please contact us, we are here to promote your business!


MAINTENANCE AND UPDATING THE SITE Good web site is the one that provides accurate information and therefore the maintenance and updating of the site may include following:
plava strelica Editing text, images and contact information
plava strelica Change colors, font size, etc..
plava strelica News update
plava strelica Add an upcoming event
plava strelica Expanding the menu
plava strelica Adding a new page
plava strelica Editing and adding new products
plava strelica Daily, weekly or monthly database back-up
plava strelica Other changes

Updating the site may be MONTHLY or AS NEEDED.

MONTHLY- This option corresponds to update clients with frequent changes of site content. We have an obligation to worry about making backups, and technical soundness of the entire site.
If you choose this way of updating, the cost per hour will be much smaller than if we hired as needed, you will have a higher priority for all required services, a special emergency line.

DEMAND - This option corresponds to update clients who have frequent changes to the site. It means that you hire us only when you feel that you need change or important update. Then the update is charged by the number of hours we spent working to meet your request.